Sun.Apr 21, 2024

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How Do You Cage Yourself in with Your Blog?

Blogging From Paradise

During one of our dawn walks we journey through the forest here in Costa Rica. I love this sign.

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The Midlist Indie Author With T. Thorn Coyle

The Creative Penn

How can you build a creative, sustainable career as a ‘mid-list' indie author? How can you design a business that works for you and your books over the long term? T. Thorn Coyle explains more in this episode. In the intro, BookVault bespoke printing options ; Harper Collins partners with Eleven Labs for AI-narrated non-English audiobooks [ Publishing Perspectives ]; AI Publishing Formula Podcast ; Brave New Bookshelf Podcast ; “I’m not worried about AI, because I got my mojo working.


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A Variety Is or a Variety Are?

Grammar Underground

Sometimes, it's hard to know whether a word is plural or singular. Often, the choice is up to you. The post A Variety Is or a Variety Are? first appeared on Grammar Underground with June Casagrande.

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5 Powerful Local SEO Tools to Get More Customers


Local SEO tools can be a game-changer. From automating review management to dominating local search, the right technology can help your business grow long-term. For example, KuchyneValent , a local Slovakian kitchen and furniture manufacturer, had reached a maximum annual revenue of $100,000 through offline sales. So, the team was looking for a way to increase local leads and revenue.

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How to Leverage Behavioral Science Insights for Direct Mail Success

Speaker: Neal Boornazian, President and Nancy Harhut, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer - HBT Marketing

Direct mail has consistently remained a powerful tool in the marketer's arsenal, but in an age of digital dominance, its effectiveness hinges on the strategic integration of behavioral science. 💡 When you incorporate powerful behavioral science principles into your direct mail marketing strategies, you can prompt the hardwired decision-making shortcuts your audience relies on — and that automatically unlocks new avenues for engagement, conversion, and brand loyalty.

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Is a word you hate on the rise? Ngram Viewer can tell you

Grammar Underground

Years back, a reader of this column mentioned that, all of a sudden, she was hearing the word “whinge” everywhere. What was up with that, she wanted to know. I had no answer. To my recollection, that was the first time I’d ever come across the word “whinge.” Back then, I didn’t know about Ngram Viewer — a Google service you can use to search published writing to learn how popular a word is over time.