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The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing channels because it’s relatively easy to use, highly effective, and cheap. Continue Reading The post The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing appeared first on Copyblogger.

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The (flexible) formula I use to market my freelance business

Freelance Magic

Because I make an effort to market my freelance business every month—in one way or another. Why you need to market your freelance business The hardest part of freelancing for many freelancers is finding enough work to tide them over. Turns out, you have to be a fairly decent marketer if you want a successful freelance business.

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Marketing KPIs: 30 Metrics for Every Marketing Role


Many KPIs also have overlapping audiences (SEOs and content marketers may track very … Read more › To choose the right KPIs: There are an almost infinite number of KPIs, often varying in small details (like how they’re measured, or subtle differences in definition).

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Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing Reporting


In this guide, you’ll learn the three best practices of reporting and eight types of information that make a solid content report, including the actual KPIs used by content marketers. From my experience, I’ve learned that having three key features … Read more ›

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Let's Get Physical: How to Blend Direct Mail Marketing with Your Digital Strategy

Speaker: Akeel Jabber, B2B SaaS Investor and Growth Marketer at Horizen Capital

Consider the untapped potential of integrating direct mail marketing seamlessly with digital marketing strategies. Combining the physical, tangible impact of direct mail with the dynamic reach of digital marketing can be a game-changer, significantly increasing your ROI when done right. where should you start?

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Why Marketers Should Care About Google’s Potential HubSpot Acquisition

Content Marketing Institute

Understand the possibilities and take away the one reality for every marketer. But how likely is it the deal will get done? Why would Google want HubSpot? What would it mean for HubSpot customers?

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15 Key Marketing Automation Statistics


Marketing tech stack is always evolving. Marketing automation software enables improved efficiency with various features from customer segmentation to campaign management. What’s the marketing automation industry market size, what are the adoption rates of marketing automation and which benefits it brings to businesses?

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The Resurgence of Direct Mail as a Growth Marketing Strategy

Speaker: Jeff Tarran, COO, Gunderson Direct & Margaret Pepe, Executive Director of Product Management, U.S. Postal Service

Learn the secrets to direct mail success for growth marketers!

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How to Leverage Behavioral Science Insights for Direct Mail Success

Speaker: Neal Boornazian, President and Nancy Harhut, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer - HBT Marketing

Direct mail has consistently remained a powerful tool in the marketer's arsenal, but in an age of digital dominance, its effectiveness hinges on the strategic integration of behavioral science.