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The 4 Elements of Building Your Brand as a Freelance Copywriter.

Nick Ursborne

Too many freelancers believe that creating a brand starts and ends with the creation of a clever logo and a nifty tagline. The final expression of your brand, in words and images, comes right at the end of the process of brand creation. Because, as a freelancer, your brand is YOU. And their name is their brand.

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Personal Brand: What It Really Is & How to Build One


A personal brand is how people perceive you and what you’re known for. I spoke with two influencers—Wes Kao and Matt Diggity—for their best tips on establishing a name for yourself online. It’s the skills, experience, and values that give … Read more ›

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Top 11 Best Branding Agencies: Recommendations You Can Trust

Quick Sprout

To help you choose the right branding partner, we reviewed 39 of the best branding agencies. We then narrowed that … Top 11 Best Branding Agencies: Recommendations You Can Trust Read More » The post Top 11 Best Branding Agencies: Recommendations You Can Trust appeared first on.

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Tips for Writing, Publishing, and Promoting an E-book to Build Your Personal Brand

Credible Content

Writing and publishing e-books for personal branding. In today’s digital age, establishing a strong personal brand is essential for professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Authors may also choose to offer their e-books for free as a promotional strategy to build their brand or gain a wider readership.

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Your personal brand is a fictional character. So make it a good one.

Nick Ursborne

Well, brands are fiction. All brands are fiction. Personal brands in particular are fiction. There’s the real, at-home Elon Musk, and then there’s the public brand of Elon Musk. His public brand is a fiction. Make that fictional character central to your personal brand. Build a character around it.

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17 Ways To Social Proof Your Brand

Quick Sprout

How can you get them to buy products from your company instead … 17 Ways To Social Proof Your Brand Read More » The post 17 Ways To Social Proof Your Brand appeared first on. Many factors can influence a customer’s decision making.

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3 Branding Statement Generators to Help Build Up Your Brand


Check out 3 branding statement generators and see how they can help strengthen your personal or business brand. Plus, see examples of great brand statements.

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