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Clients are Checking for AI-Generated Content and Accusing Freelance Writers

Elna Cain

You go through the onboarding process with your new client, and they give you a content brief in the next few days. You write the content and source examples and use Grammarly to check for errors. What Is AI-Generated Content? This tool will tell you if the content is likely AI or not. So you get to work. This is wrong.

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15 Best Content Writing Tools in 2023

Write Freelance

But in the modern day, content writers who write for digital media need an arsenal of tools under their wing. After all, being a freelance content writer isn’t just about writing sentences that seem interesting to read. There was a time when all writers needed was a pen and paper to write their thoughts. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

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The Future of Content is Parasocial

Kayleigh Moore

Think about the content you seek out in your free time. For years, companies and content marketers have been approaching content creation from topic-first angle. Of course this type of content creation still has its place. The newsletters you read. The podcasts you listen to. The YouTube channels you subscribe to.

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25 Types of Content You Can Use for Content Marketing


From blog posts to memes, learn the 25 different types of content you can use for your content marketing strategy. Blog posts are a great way to educate your audience and sell what you do in the process. Example Our … Read more ›

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Revitalizing Dry Content: A Lesson in Engagement

Speaker: Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions

You’ve been given a pile of dry content and asked to create a compelling eLearning course. You’re determined to create something more engaging than the same old course that learners quickly click through, but how do you take this “boring” content and create something relevant and engaging? We’ve all been there.

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Can you use ChatGPT for content writing?

Credible Content

Using ChatGPT for writing content The simple answer is, yes you can. I have used ChatGPT for a few weeks to write content for my clients. Content writing must be convincing There is no individuality in the writing in ChatGPT. For example, if I ask ChatGPT, “What is SEO content writing?” Can you really? It depends.

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What is Content Writing? 10 Essential Tips for Irresistible Content

Smart Blogger

Are you wondering how to elevate your content writing game? In the ever-evolving digital world, mastering the art of content writing is crucial — but how can you stand out? Ever wondered how great writers consistently produce engaging content? Ready to become a content writing wizard? What is Content Writing?

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