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In a world of AI-generated marketing, where’s the Creative Director?

Nick Ursborne

As a budding young copywriter in the early 1980s, I worked with an art director as my partner, and our work was overseen by the agency’s creative director. Creative directors were at the top of the pile in Creative Departments. They shaped the overall creative output of the agency. Try again”?

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3 Questions Your Creative Director Wants You to Answer

Content Marketing Institute

Before you run to your creative director to ask for a redesign of your blog, content hub, or website, take a beat. Continue reading → The post 3 Questions Your Creative Director Wants You to Answer appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.


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5 Reminders About Creativity From The Beatles: Get Back

Content Marketing Institute

The Beatles: Get Back documentary sparked CMI’s creative director to turn to the keyboard (the one with letters, not the one with 88 keys). Continue reading → The post 5 Reminders About Creativity From The Beatles: Get Back appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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A Novel Approach to the Challenges of Our Profession

Copywriter Collective

Having spent 16 years as an agency copywriter/creative director, 13 as a freelancer, and 10 as a copywriting professor, many of my personal experiences turn up in the career of the boomer character, Ted Canby. In the agency world, you either get promoted to creative director, go freelance, teach, or write for an in-house ad department.

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Copywriting Corporate Books

Melanie Saxton

These nonfiction books might include contributions from the people who helped make it happen — the initial visionaries, founding members, executive teams, boards of directors, account executives, creative directors, advertising managers, brand ambassadors, and even the end users of products and services (the customer).

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How to Write a Reference Letter


As creative director at Get Samples Content Services, Luz has reported to me directly since she started as a project manager with our company in 2018. Sincerely, Elnaz Schmid Creative Director Get Samples Content Services 212.555.0000 Reference letter FAQs What is a reference letter?

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Modern-Day Hippies! Meet Stoned Immaculate’s Unique Buyer Persona

David Meerman Scott

I guess that’s because I’m (partly at least) a Modern-Day Hippie, the buyer persona that Stoned Immaculate’s Creative director Elliot Hans targets. Recently, I discovered Stoned Immaculate , an online clothing store that immediately captured my interest with a super-cool, retro vibe.