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How to Run Facebook Ads That Convert

Neil Patel

Getting traffic is easy with ad copy. Boosting your click-through rate requires improving ad copy and laser-targeting it to your audience. A great way to start is with a conversion-based Facebook ad campaign. However, if you want to be successful, you need to know how to craft Facebook ads that convert. Not so much.

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How To A/B Test Ads In Google Ads

Quick Sprout

Considering that Quality Score is based mostly on your ad’s CTR, it makes sense to figure out which ads tend … How To A/B Test Ads In Google Ads Read More » The post How To A/B Test Ads In Google Ads appeared first on.

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An Unconventional Facebook Ads Strategy for Authors

Jane Friedman

From April 2020 through to November 2022, I ran Facebook Ads in a way that ticked all the boxes when it came to best practices. But in December 2022, our Facebook Ads took a nose dive—sales, page reads, bestseller rank, and overall royalties all dropped. Today’s post is by book advertising consultant Matt Holmes ( @MatthewJHolmes1 ).

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15 Top Tips On How To Create A Good Radio Ad

Caroline Gibson

Wondering how to create a good radio ad? I asked two award-winning ad industry experts to share their top tips on making an ear-catching radio commercial. Listen to radio – whether it’s ads, plays or podcasts. The effect that Tim can make to help create a good radio ad as a result of these changes can be jaw-dropping.

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LinkedIn Ad Best Practices: Comprehensive Guide

Neil Patel

Then you’ve probably looked at LinkedIn ads. That said, there’s no point in advertising on the site unless you follow LinkedIn ads best practices. In this post, I explore how you can set up LinkedIn ads to connect you with your target customer without annoying them. Scroll along to ‘Ads’ on the end and click.

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How to Create a Job Ad in 5 Simple Steps

Quick Sprout

Creating job ads is a necessary part of running any business. Yet this is an responsibility some owners and managers … How to Create a Job Ad in 5 Simple Steps Read More » The post How to Create a Job Ad in 5 Simple Steps appeared first on.

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Distribution 101: The Content Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Ads Tips


Are you looking for ways to craft better Facebook ads that result in higher conversions? But with so many options and variables, it can be easy to burn through your ad spend with minimal return. Here are five Facebook ad tips that will help you maximize your ad performance and drive more conversions.

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