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SMS vs Text: What’s Right for Your Business?

Quick Sprout

Let’s cut to the chase, SMS messages and texts are the same thing. The only difference is that text messaging … SMS vs Text: What’s Right for Your Business? Read More » The post SMS vs Text: What’s Right for Your Business? appeared first on.

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Detecting Delicate Text: Going Beyond Toxicity


For that reason, our research has recently explored the concept of sensitive, or “delicate,” text. While there has been a lot of research into detecting and combating toxic text in recent years, we’ve seen a gap when it comes to the broader category of delicate text, which may not be characterized as toxic but still presents a risk.

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Anchor Text Ratios: Why They Still Matter for SEO Strategies

The Hoth

If you guessed optimized anchor text, then you’re 100% correct. Both established and new SEOs tend to overlook optimizing their anchor text, as they’re too focused on acquiring as many backlinks as possible. Yet, anchor text is a ranking factor , as it provides valuable context to search engines about the web pages your links point to.

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Decoding Academic Integrity: Mastering the Art of Citing Paraphrased Texts


Work smarter with Grammarly The AI writing partner for anyone with work to do Get Grammarly How to cite a paraphrase Paraphrasing is when you restate someone else’s text or speech in your own words, keeping the original meaning. This is called an in-text citation or parenthetical citation. There are two challenges to doing this.

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6 Ways To Elevate the Text-to-Audio Experience for Your Content

Content Marketing Institute

Don’t think you can just plug and play an AI audio tool to convert your text into audio. It requires you to up your game – and learn some new tricks. Follow these tips to add a new delivery channel for your audience.

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How We Optimize Performance for the Grammarly Text Editor SDK


Whether your users are writing short paragraphs or pages of text, you can integrate the Grammarly Text Editor SDK to suggest improvements for grammar, clarity, and more. In this article, we’ll cover three techniques the team uses to speed up the SDK and Text Editor Plugin so suggestions render quickly.

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Introducing Voice Composer, Grammarly’s New Voice-to-Text Feature for iOS


The rise of voice-to-text technology on smartphones has eased the challenges of error-prone and time-consuming typing on small keyboards. Voice Composer excels at transforming your spoken words into accurately transcribed and well-structured text, eliminating the hassles of manual editing.

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