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Everything Freelancers and Independent Contractors Need to Know About the New FTC Ban on Noncompete Clauses

Freelance Union

This rule will dramatically alter the landscape for millions of workers, including freelancers and independent contractors. For freelancers and independent contractors, the implications are particularly significant. How does this impact freelancers?

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SEO for Contractors: How To Increase Traffic to Your Site

BKA Content

SEO for Contractors: How To Increase Traffic to Your Site As a contractor, your business depends on leads, referrals and new clients to stay active year-round. How important is SEO for contractors? What Is SEO for Contractors? How Does SEO Help Contractors? Which Contractors Need SEO?


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14 Contracts for Freelance Writers and Independent Contractors

Kristi Hines

In this post, I’ll share 14 examples of contracts for freelance writers and independent contractors. Contracts for freelance writers and independent contractors should cover who owns the rights to the content produced and other agreed upon terms (rates, duration of contract, scope of work, etc.). Do you use a contract template?

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Why is Identity Verification Important in Freelancer and Contractor Hiring

Copywriter Collective

The post Why is Identity Verification Important in Freelancer and Contractor Hiring appeared first on Copywriter Collective. This means they aren’t necessarily subject to the same security checks and scrutiny that full-time appointments are. This is something you need to guard against by using an identity verification system.

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Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E37 – Keeping Your PMs Lean with Great Contractors

Content Hacker

Learn my go-to strategies in this episode filled with sound advice for when you go to expand and hire contractors to join your team. Episode #37 – Keeping Your PMs Lean with Great Contractors. For 11 years, I have built lean, mean teams with excellent profit margins – my most recent one hovering around a whopping 75% PM.

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7 Do’s and Don’ts For Hiring as a Small Business

Ashleyn Writes

I went through contractor after contractor struggling to keep my biz afloat. BUT contractors can be a great way to get a feel for things. DON’T wait to give out reviews Your employees and contractors want to know if they’re hitting their marks, if they’re missing their marks, and what the marks even are.

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Strategies to Prevent Frequent Tax Errors as a Freelancer


Tax management can present a formidable challenge for independent contractors. This article will provide guidance on how to avoid some frequent tax errors that independent contractors make and how to use tax tools, like a self-employed tax calculator. Tax calculation errors are among the most frequent errors committed by freelancers.