Fri.Jun 02, 2023

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Does a Rise in Chief Strategy Officers’ Role Give Hope for Chief Content Officers?

Content Marketing Institute

New insights from Deloitte’s fascinating 2023 Chief Strategy Officer Survey should have implications for content marketing’s role in businesses.

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10 Tried & Trusted Web Hosting Services for 2023

Smart Blogger

Whether you want to create a website for your small business , start an online shop, or build a blog, you’ll need to leverage a quality web hosting platform to store your online content. But what exactly is web hosting? And how do you choose the best web hosting service to meet your needs? In the post below, we will explore the basics you need to understand about web hosting.

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How to Write a Reaction Essay


Have you read any good books lately? If the answer is yes, what made them good? And if the answer is no, why didn’t you enjoy them? In a lot of cases, reaction essays start with prompts like these. Instead of arguing a position or persuading the reader, a reaction essay is all about your personal response to an event or a piece of media. Give your writing extra polish Grammarly helps you communicate confidently Write with Grammarly What is a reaction essay?

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Beyond Page Views: Advanced Methods for Measuring Content Performance

Copywriter Collective

When we speak of quality content in marketing, we usually refer to content that is useful to the readers, but also optimized and easy to comprehend. Pageviews have long been the key metric for measuring content performance. However, as the digital landscape changes, so do our KPIs. Advanced methods of measuring our content’s impact and reach provide valuable insights we can use to improve content creation and distribute successful content online.

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Let's Get Physical: How to Blend Direct Mail Marketing with Your Digital Strategy

Speaker: Akeel Jabber, B2B SaaS Investor and Growth Marketer at Horizen Capital

⭐ Are you ready to boost campaign success? Consider the untapped potential of integrating direct mail marketing seamlessly with digital marketing strategies. Combining the physical, tangible impact of direct mail with the dynamic reach of digital marketing can be a game-changer, significantly increasing your ROI when done right. Direct mail grabs attention, making it great for reaching your target audience 📩 Digital marketing keeps the momentum going, driving action 📲 So.

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AI Content Generator – 23 Free & Paid Tools + Features & Tips


The dawn of AI has many content creators fearing the worst—and you may be one of them. Don’t worry. I’m going to show you how AI content generators will actually make your life a lot easier. I’ve thoroughly evaluated 23 leading AI copywriting tools so I can give you insights into their features, advantages, drawbacks, and pricing. My pick of the bunch is Jasper, but which will you choose to 10x your content production?

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Why Turn Your Back on Almost 5 Billion Human Beings?

Blogging From Paradise

Estimates for social media users top out at 4.9 billion in 2023.

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What Is the Main Problem with Lengthy But Generic Comments These Days?

Blogging From Paradise

I just deleted a lengthy, detailed, generic comment on Blogging From Paradise a few moments ago.

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Topical Authority: What Is It And How Do You Establish It?

Fat Joe

Topical authority measures how credible and trustworthy a website is on a given subject. It can be a powerful tool for SEO. Search engines see you as an authoritative source if you publish plenty of high-quality content around a topic. This authority can translate into higher search rankings , more traffic , and increased customer trust. In this guide, we’ll cover: How topical authority works Why it matters for SEOs and content marketers Actionable steps to build and measure it What Is Topical A

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20 Benefits of Publishing a Blog Post Every Day

Credible Content

20 benefits of publishing a blog post every day. Blogging has become an integral part of online communication and content creation. Main points covered in this blog post: Daily blog posts signal to search engines that your website is active and regularly updated. Quick indexing improves visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attracts organic traffic.

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Marketing Strategy: The What, Why, & How (+ Essential Steps)

Smart Blogger

Developing a robust marketing strategy isn’t a walk in the park, is it? Between understanding your audience and establishing measurable goals, it can feel like you’re trying to assemble a puzzle with no edge pieces. But here’s the good news — mastering a marketing strategy is not as daunting as it seems. It’s all about understanding the key elements and applying them to your unique business situation.

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Is Training the Right Solution?

Speaker: Tim Buteyn

Let's set the scene: you’ve identified a critical performance gap in your organization and need to close that gap. A colleague suggests training, but you suspect there’s something going on that training can’t address. How can you determine if training is the right solution before you commit your budget and resources to a new training program? In this webinar, you will learn how to determine if training is the right solution using the Behavior Engineering Model.